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Interactions is a project of Galerie Förster, in which various fields of expression react to contem-porary art. To mark the occasion of the opening of the exhibition we confronted young writers with some paintings by Uli Weigelt. This confrontation resulted in prose texts. After this first experiment, many other interaction activities followed, in which paintings, sculptures and photographic works found an echo in the fields of music, poetry and theater.


Jinran Kim - Interaction XIV

Mica Bara and Sebastian Witt give a reading of Germand writers with texts affected by the destruction of the second wold war.


Jinran Kim - Interaction XIII

Baruch Gottlieb   "After the Rain" (poem)
Biography ·  Texts


Mady Piesold - Interaction XII

Mady Piesold  Impressions of Alaska (Saturday, December 3rd, 2011, 5 pm)

The artist will show photographs of her two-months-journey though Alaska and report about her impressions.



John Pollak - Interaction XI

Theater89 - Modern Drama  Scenes of the theater drama "Haseks Heimkehr"


John Pollak - Interaction X

Gabriele Förster   "Stranded Goods" (poems)
Biography ·  Texts (in German)


Shai Saul - Interaction IX

Theophile Aries (piano)
The frensh pianist played "Metamorphosis" from Philip Glass.


Henning Rohde - Interaction VIII

David Malaev (volin) and Marleen Malaev (piano)
played "Aus der Heimat", 2nd movement Presto from Bedřich Smetana


John Pollak - Interaction VII

Ursula Mamlok   Piano compositions and improvisations to all exhibited phtographs, presented by the composer herself.
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Birgit Knappe - Interaction VI

Bitgit Müller-Wieland  Poems
Biography ·  Texts (in German)


Mady Piesold - Interaction V

Sebastan Tyroller & Lutz Dudziak   Improvisation with E-Guitar and E-Bass


Nina Neumaier - Interaction IV

Ms. Professor Dr. Brigitte Zimmer   "Palmen, die Fürsten des Pflanzenreichs"
Biography ·  Text (in German)


John Pollak - Interaction III

Gabriele Förster   "New York poems"
Biography ·  Texts (in German)


Ray Malone - Interaction II

Stephan-Max Wirth   "Saxophone-Improvisations"
Biography ·  Music


Uli Weigelt - Interaction I

Paul Bokowski   "Frau K. "
Biography ·  Text

Anselm Neft   "Lebenslänglich"
Biography ·  Text

(These texts are not translated.)