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Gallery Förster

Alvin Booth & Van KeLaita @ Galerie Förster

About us

For many years now it has been our greatest wish to exhibit contemporary art. With this in mind the virtual www.Gallery-Forster.com came into being during our three-year sojourn in New York. Connections in the New York and Off Broadway theatre world were very useful for this project, allowing us to exhibit in the foyers of various theatres. Thematically, our exhibitions took the particular theatre productions into account.

When we moved to Berlin the possibility of founding a gallery presented itself. We immediately took this opportunity and our aim now is to exhibit specially chosen contemporary work and also - in a more intimate atmosphere - introduce literature, music and theatre elements that are interactive with art.

Exhibitions will take place at regular intervals.


The idea of confronting artists from other fields with the pictures or paintings presented, origi-nated during our time in the USA, where we were very intensively involved in the theatre life of New York. Our first experiment will include the presentation of prose texts that have been inspired by particular paintings. In future exhibitions we hope that paintings, graphic arts, sculptures and photographs will find an echo in poetry, music and theater.





Galerien Berlin Mitte


Galerien Berlin Mitte