Galerie Förster

Uli Weigelt

September 13th - October 21st, 2007
Opening: September 8th, 2007 at 7 p.m.

Impressions of the opening you will find at www.catonbed.de and here (photographs by Berthe U. Knieriem).

The recently opened Galerie Förster has chosen paintings by the Mainz artist Uli Weigelt for its inaugural exhibition. With the establishment of this gallery, Gabriele and Gregor Förster have fulfilled a long-term wish. During their three years in New York they already started 2003 the virtual Gallery Forster. Their aim is to exhibit contemporary art in a setting that, on a more modest scale, will also include literature, music and theatre.

Gabriele Förster first made the acquaintance of Uli Weigelt during their student days together in the Mainz academy. From the very beginning she was fascinated by his vivid imagination, his talent for observation and, above all, his penchant for portraying the bizarre and his obvious enjoyment of this métier. At that time, he devoted himself mainly to small-format drawings and sketches, creating scenes of the most fantastic content with extraordinary detail. All of this was accompanied by an unusually pronounced sensibility for aesthetic aspects. Uli Weigelt never allowed himself to be influenced by trends; on the contrary, he continued unwaveringly to perfect his work in the style of the old masters while all around him canvasses with wild brush strokes proliferated.

Since early childhood Uli Weigelt has been deeply interested in Chinese and Japanese culture. Impressions left by more intensive encounters with these cultures during extensive travels abroad soon found expression in his painting, which gradually began to show an increasing tendency towards abstraction. Natural phenomena, which suggest inexplicable or mysterious events, are transported to the canvas by means of richly contrasting colors and shapes with cryptic graphic signs and individual - sometimes isolated - realistic elements. The artist tries to bring internal and external chaos under control and transform it into a cosmos with clear structures, The subconscious, however, with its eerie, uncanny elements breaks through and comes to the fore. Gold is here the symbol for entry into another realm – a realm that exists, perhaps, beyond the real world. Under the surface of abstract landscapes lies a hidden region enigmatic, dark and often dangerous revealing itself to the beholder in very diverse ways, evoking the most varied associations and seemingly ready to disclose strange secrets.

Gabriele and Gregor Förster found the idea of confronting young writers with Uli Weigelt’s paintings, in order to capture the receptive experience in writing, very exciting. This idea quickly materialized and became a concrete project, with the result that on 8th September, on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition, each participating author will present a text inspired by a particular painting. This will be the first experiment with interaction among the arts. In future exhibitions it is hoped to experience reactions to paintings in the fields of music and theatre too.

Interaction I

Two writers chose pictures of Uli Weigelt, as an inspiration for prose texts.  The short stories can be found by clicking on the following links.

Paul Bokowski: "Frau K."

Anselm Neft: "Lebenslänglich"