Galerie Förster

Robert Sturmhoevel

vanity [fun] fair - Painting, drawing and installation

December 14th - January 26th, 2012

Robert Sturmhoevel, graduate of the Art Academy Kassel, presents his first solo exhibition in the Gallery Foerster. The young artist doesn’t only show pictures but creates a complete artwork. In the front room drawings and small paintings on canvas can be seen, in the back room you find an installation which joins all themes in an alienated sculptural way.

Forgotten and abandoned places are fascinating Robert Sturmhoevel. He uses them for the sceneries of his large paintings. His painting style combines the way of the old masters with spontaneous gestures. Children are the protagonists, but it seems that their playing is threatened by some mysterious danger. Beneath the idyll you feel the unfathomable. In the small paintings of the series “Targets” familiar toys appear disturbing and a brushstroke gets his own magic life. The viewer faces a world full of mysteries.

Gabriele Förster ·  Berlin ·  December 2012