Galerie Förster

Femme II (c) Susanna Storch

Femme II, 2002, Acryl auf Leinwand, 40 x 40 cm

Susanna Storch

Images of human

April 16th - May 29th, 2010


Susanna Storch’s work focuses on an analysis of political and social circumstances. She gives the human being, which is existentially threatened, special emphasis. She wants to draw attention to social injustices and demonstrates the senselessness and brutality of current wars.

Susanna Storch starts the background of her realistic paintings with a white, often empty surface. The figures step forward in few shades of white, grey, blue or brown colours and become three-dimensional. They remain in this indefinable environment in a strange distance. Her largest painting (300 x 130 cm) shows prisoners in a penal colony. The figures are set off in orange, urging the viewer to look.

She finds her subjects in pictures and videos of war. We have become insensible by daily reports of human suffering. To look at a painting may cause a new kind of viewing, different from looking at pictures in magazines and newspapers. By giving them space on her large canvasses Susanna Storch wants to fight against forgetting and suppressing so that we have to pay attention to the victims of war.