Galerie Förster

Akt (c) Henning Rohde

Acrylic on canvas, 2007

Henning Rohde

Female nude - Painting & Drawings

July 10th - August 22th, 2009

Henning Rohde is fascinated by the shape of the female body and returns time and again to this eternal theme. Gallery Förster is exhibiting a selection of his large format nude paintings, compositions bold in colour and form, as well as subtle drawings, rich in detail from his collection.

Henning Rohde normally works with acrylic on rough canvas which enables him to work quickly and produce a tremendous brightness of colour. While at times working spontaneously, following his imagination or the joy of experimentation, Henning also works to plans and sketches, first trying out an idea as a drawing before transferring it to the big canvas. What is evident throughout all his work is an infectious love of life, something almost boisterous, playful and humorous. And even the most abstract, not to say alienated of Henning Rohde’s nudes remains full of warm, feminine self-assurance, lifting the spirits of all who visit the gallery.

Interaction VIII

"From the homeland", second movement, presto, by Bedich Smetana for violin and piano played by the young musicians David and his brother Marleen Maleav.