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Kontaktabzug V (c) John Pollak

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John Pollak

Connections (Photography)

September 2nd - October 22nd, 2011


John Pollak presents portrait shots of ten people who are neither selected accidentally nor regarding special criteria, but who have something to do with each other. There is no indication of affinity, no hierarchy or valuation can be identified.

The point for the photographer is not to characterize special persons, for example by individual features, attributes or backgrounds. Purposely the pictures appear simplified and refrain from personal details. The presented people are looking calmly into the camera, they seem to concentrate to themselves without appearing aloof. Formal rigor makes it difficult to read something in it on the quick, nevertheless connections are made automatically.

These photographs resemble in their concept the previous series. In the series “Strandgut” John Pollak presented found pieces from the Pacific Ocean in a consonance of forms, each piece exposed isolated. The perception of the viewer is activated by decrease, subtlest details gain special meanings. The photographs which show details from the Berlin Holocaust Memorial appear nearly abstract and radiate grave silence, monumentality and ultimateness.

Also in the new series “Connections” the photographer is interested in the interaction of decreased form and the meaning of the depicted subject. In the moment when the viewer realizes this meaning or learns about it, his perception is changing and his imagination opens up new levels. Just an indication of the theme enables an abundance of different respectively further thoughts and emotions.

The connection between those ten completely different persons is a temporary one. They all are working together at a theatre play. Five persons are acting, two are responsible for the lights, one does the stage set, one is directing and one does all organizations. It is left to the viewer’s imagination to conceive who is who, who is connected which whom and why. New stories may be developed.

Berlin, August 2011
Gabriele Förster

Interaction XI

Scenes of a theater performance will be shown (Theater89 - Modern Drama).