Galerie Förster

John Pollak

New York Portraits  2002 - 2003

January 5th - February 16th, 2008

The pictures, taken during the years of 2002 to 2005, are John Pollak’s homage to New York. He took photographs of people in the streets of this city, who are not aware that someone got a shot of them. This created an intense and genuine impression.

The faces are provoking questions, the viewer wants to know more about those people and their thoughts, discover what they might have been watching. It will remain a secret, a fleeting moment of a stranger’s life. The mysterious anonymity and the arising thoughts may guide the attention to the viewer himself and arouse something in his subconscious.

Interaction III

This time the interaction III does not refer directly to the photographs, but represents a response to New York in a lyrical way, written during the same years the pictures were taken.