Galerie Förster

Nina Neumaier

Palms - New Reverse Painting on Glass

March 9th - April 25th, 2008

The exhibited paintings are of inimitable brilliance, which is impossible to achieve with traditional painting on canvas. The brightness of colors results from an ancient and complicated technique, which is used by Nina Neumaier already since 12 years. During this time the artist develops more and more bold compositions and larger seizes.

Nina Neumaier’s compositions are looking spontaneously, lively and very expres-sive. Nobody would suspect that they have to be planned exactly from the very first brushstroke. The technique allows no correction, because it is the back of the glass on which you paint. The subjects seem to float; very tender and trans-parent layers correspond to opaque areas, bold graphic traces break through the order just to merge into it in the same moment. You think to realize permanent changing movements, your look reaches depths and you can sense memories of Mediterranean light.

Nina Neumaier uses to work for a limited time on a special theme. She devotes always very intensely to the particular project. Her catching enthusiasm for palms and her love for their unusual details was born in the south of France where she lived and painted for some months. Each of her paintings tells of the mystery of these majestic plants.

Interaction IV

This time, the Interaction IV, no art representative will react to the exhibited paintings with an inter-action but a scientist. The biologist Mrs. Professor Dr. Brigitte Zimmer will examine the theme “palms” from the scientific point of view and will enable a thrilling complement.