Galerie Förster

Venöser Zustrom I (c) Mady Piesold

"Stone of Frame", limestone, 2009, height 175 cm

Birgit Knappe


Sculptures, reliefs & drawings

March 13th - April 25th, 2009


Birgit Knappe is a sculptor, intrigued by stones which have a special history but allow her to give them a new personality. During this act they don’t lose their identity, you still can guess, which task they once had fulfilled, for example in the context of a building.

The big sculptures of granite, limestone or sandstone remind you of strange, mysterious, severe architectural bodies. The weight of Birgit Knappe’s biggest stone amounts to 13 tons, it is now to be seen in Iserlohn. Her sculptures of stone are spread all over Europe: Italy, Sardinia, Portugal, Czech Republic and even Israel.

Besides working on stone the artist dedicates herself to smaller sculptures and castings as well as to relief from paper and cardboard, also to drawing and painting. Paintings of her are to be seen in Berlin in the ministry of finance and in the ministry of transport and city planning. Some work also is to be seen in the government’s collection of graphics.

Interaction VI

The writer Mrs. Birgit Müller-Wieland wrote poems inspired by the exhibited work of Birgit Knappe and read them during the opening. They will be published in the catalogue.