Galerie Förster

#9908425, Silver gelatin print

Alvin Booth


November 4th - December 20th 2008

Opening: November 4th 2008, 7 p.m.
Impressions of the opening you will find at www.catonbed.de

Alvin Booth is a British photographer whose subject is the naked human body. Influenced by French sculptors and old photographic technologies his pictures appear like made in the 19th century. He takes pictures, develops and prints them, works on the photo with ingenious manual technologies and frames them; every picture is a unique piece with unique characteristics.

Since 1987 Alvin Booth uses the same medium format camera with only one lens and rejects any digital change. The special aura of his works originates from the creative staging. His nude photographs open a special view of a timeless subject. With latex cloths, movement and especially with light the artist produces, for example, tender body studies in the series "Osmosis". His models often are dancers, in the majority women, but also men.

The photographer Peter Hamilton who wrote one of the prefaces to Alvin Booth's book "Osmosis" distinguishes two groups of photographers. There are the "seekers", like Henrie Cartier Bresson, Doisneau and he himself who go out and photograph what is there. And there are the "makers", artists like Mapplethorpe and Alvin Booth who create a scene, fixing in form what they have already visualized.

At the art fair “Berliner Liste 2008”, Galerie Förster showed work from the series "Osmosis" as well as the early erotic pictures of "Corpus". Thereafter, the photographs of both series are to be seen in Alvin Booth’s solo exhibition.


Due to the close relationship to dance, the interaction will be a video directed by the artist.