Galerie Förster

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Alvin Booth & Van KeLaita

"Body Talk" - Photography

October 26th - December 8th, 2012

"Body Talk", a joint exhibition, shows for the first time how the two renowned artists Alvin Booth and Van KeLaita interpret the theme of the naked human body. When their artwork is seen in a direct comparison, their different artistic approaches become evident and allows the viewer a new perspective in their perception and interpretation.

Alvin Booth is a British photographer whose subject is the naked human body. His way of taking the photographs and producing the prints is classical, yet by using ingenious manual techniques and framing the artwork himself, each print becomes a unique artwork with unmistakeable characteristics.

Since 1987 Alvin Booth uses the same medium format camera equipped with only one lens. He rejects any additional digital manipulation. The usage of special materials such as latex, the movement and the setting of the light, all create the strong visual impact of his work. His nude photographs allow a special and unique view of a timeless subject matter.

Van KeLaita lives foremost in Ireland, a country of rough beauty and archaic myths. His theme, other than in Alvin Booth's artwork, is not the physical naked human body but rather the psychological condition. The naked body stripped bare of any protective layers.

Confronted with KeLaita's artwork one immediately thinks of paintings and indeed the artist uses graphical elements when creating the backdrops for the photo sessions, albeit without the usage of a brush. Van KeLaita's photographies show what cannot be shown and their impact is profound.

For more information about the artists and their work please find some texts and quotes from some renowned experts and art critics.

Gabriele Förster · Berlin · October 2012