Galerie Förster

Sebastian Rudko

Artist's statement


I was born on 02/01/1977 in Zamosc in Poland. Since 2001 I live in Cracow where I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Painting Department. I was awarded with a diploma in 2006.

I get inspiration from nature and culture of my country. What I see, feel and recognize has consequences for my work .

It's amazing that you can see in a split second an image that remains so deeply in the subconscious that you can not resist – you just have to paint it. I often observe phenomena such as reflections, arising from light effects. They lead to contemplation of the subsequent images. I also use sketches and photographs, but the most important source is the memory of what intrigued me.

All my works from the past years are done in oil on canvas technique. Often I use a drawing in pastel, ink or pencil under the painting.
It is very difficult to me to recall the deepest memory from the past. I think that we remember only fragments of events and tend to reject negative and unpleasant ones. I remember everything vividly, in color, visually. I attribute color, texture, taste, smell to every situation. Perhaps if in a childhood something unpleasant or sad happens to a person, this person escapes into another world, a world such as dreams and imagination.

The most difficult moment during my work is the moment when I ask myself: what makes me doing what I do. But as long as is so beautifully and fascinatingly I will stay on my journey.

Certainly, growing up in the Renaissance town Zamosc has an impact on my work. The ideal architecture and nature around me influenced my artistic development. But my motive force is “inner need is an emergency”, as Kandinsky wrote.

The most rewarding experience for me is when people get a different, special way of feeling while watching my paintings. And that's what I want to convey to people viewing my work. That for a moment they can see another world and feel a longing to come back to that world .