Galerie Förster

Henning Rohde

Henning Rohde was born in Dramburg/Pommern ans lives in Berlin.


1950 – 1958 Painting classes with Prof. Hans Meyers, Darmstadt
1958 First prize in Darmstadt town youth competition (oil painting). Sale to Margarete Princess of Hesse and the Rhine
1960 – 1965 Medical studies leading to doctorate. Drawing and oil painting
1968 – 1981 Clinician, professorship at Cologne University, senior consultant
1988 – 2005 Specialist doctor in Cologne. Sculpture in wood, drawings, collages, water colour, oil and acrylic paintings
2005 Move to Berlin
2005 – 2007 Scribble-paintings, acrylic paintings, charcoal and chalk drawings
2007 Creation of the sculpture „Death“ in the sculpture workshop of the Association for decorative artists in Berlin-Wedding (H 175, B 65, T 35)
2007 – 2009 Alongside regular work with particular subjects (self-portrait series, Berlin Series, Scribble-paintings, dance of death drawings), creation of new large format nude series using charcoal, highlighters, coloured pencil, paper gluing technique and acrylic paint.
2009 The sculpture „Death“ is accepted for the exhibition project Art space Mausoleum in Berlin, Alter Sankt Matthäus Graveyard (August 2nd until September 20st 2009)