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Van KeLaita

about the artist

Van KeLaita creates photographic images that do not look like photographic images. It takes some time before the viewer identifies details, which initiate, at best, a vague recognition, yet, never being able to completely finalize it. KeLaita's work cuts the very string which connects them with the visible reality.

However, this is not to suggest that his images would subjugate their photographic essence:

On one hand, its author is a successful photographer and was in New York and Paris, albeit using a pseudonym, one of the most famous commercial and fashion photographers. He created images for the international campaigns of world-famous fashion and cosmetics companies, portrayed the stars of the music and film industry and contributed to the idolatry of beauty. This glittering universe of illusion is reflected in his earlier works.

On the other hand, the very photographic characteristics are evident:

The strong contrasts of light and shadow and the seemingly endless range of intermediary shades of gray, sometimes accentuated by a flash of red and orange - in spite of their demonstrative distance to conventional photography.

KeLaita's work creates an intensity of physicality that is beyond the terrain of photography, it transforms the body beyond its physical dimension into an idea, a concept.

The essence of a body without its physical representation, KeLaita's images make visible the invisible, give shape to intuition. They glow and show us a space which has not been visible before.

Prof. Klaus Honnef, Bonn, Germany


Van Kelaita

Van KeLaita, "Vision, Part IV-VI", Ireland 2012, Triptych Installation with sand, dust and chalk, 190 x 400 cm